Peterson Francis says Chastanet cares

The opposition endorsed candidate for Castries Central, Peterson Francis, has asserted that the leader of the United Workers Party (UWP), Allen Chastanet, cares more about Saint Lucia than he cares about himself.

“This is the difference in the leadership we have on the other side and the leadership on this side,” Francis told a political meeting of the UWP this evening in Babonneau.


According to the former ruling party supporter, Chastanet keeps awake trying to formulate plans for this country.

Peterson Francis invoked one of the ruling party’s campaign slogans – Better days are coming.

“They told us better days, but better nights are coming because you will be able to sleep, get up and be ready to go wo work,” he told UWP supporters.

Francis said there are people in Saint Lucia who are afraid to go to sleep because they do not want to get up and face up to people calling on them to pay their debts.

He asserted that under Allen Chastanet there will be change.

Francis also told UWP supporters that their hearts should not be troubled in relation to the Castries Central seat.

“We will be there when the roll is called,” the former ruling party supporter who switched loyalty to the opposition declared.

This evening’s political meeting in Babonneau was held to officially launch former MP for the area, Exechiel Joseph, as the endorsed candidate for the constituency.

UWP Gros Islet candidate, Lenard Montoute, dismissed the current ruling party MP for the area – Alvina Reynolds, as a ceremonial representative.

“Ezechiel Joseph implemented so many projects throughout the length and breadth of Babonneau ,” Montoute asserted.

He told his audience they currently have an ‘election day’ representative in Alvina Reynolds, stating that only because elections are nigh, she, Gros Islet MP Emma Hippolyte and others are running around finding money to create projects and entice people to vote for them.