Chastanet pays tribute to King

The leader of the opposition United Workers Party (UWP), Allen Chastanet, has paid glowing tribute to his predecessor as party leader, Stephenson King.

Speaking last night at a UWP political meeting in Babonneau, Chastanet described King as a man who had made an incredible contribution to the UWP and Saint Lucia.

The UWP leader described King, a former Prime Minister, as a man who confronted tremendous adversity as the head of government.

King, who appeared to have distanced himself from the party after losing the leadership of the UWP to Chastanet in 2013, received a rapturous welcome from UWP supporters as he arrived and took his place on the platform alongside other party officials.


“He had to hold Saint Lucia tight with the worst recession that we ever had,” Chastanet declared in his tribute, adding that King also put Saint Lucia back together after hurricane Tomas.


Speaking of King’s role in the UWP, Chastanet said the Castries North MP stood by himself and held the flame by himself when it appeared that the flame would go out.

According to the UWP leader, the party is organized and focused.

“We had challenges but have been carefully working out way back to full strength,” Chastanet told party supporters.

He declared that the UWP will be ready whenever elections are called.

Chastanet said although the UWP has endorsed fifteen of its full slate of seventeen candidates for the upcoming polls, the remaining two can be named in a matter of hours of necessary.

He blasted the record of the ruling Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) in government, asserting that Prime Minister Doctor Kenny Anthony and the SLP have been a painful disappointment.

“Everywhere there is despair, hopelessness and disappointment and those not crying out loudly are too ashamed to let their disappointment be known,” the former Tourism Minister stated.

He said that difficult times were no excuse for inaction, but call for action, innovation and leadership by elected officials.

Chastanet said:

“Saint Lucia has no right to be in its current position with the unemployed resorting to crime as a means for survival and the more hopeless members of our society resorting to suicide.”

He asserted that for a real chance of prosperity and for Saint Lucia to reach its full potential, Saint Lucians must vote for the UWP.

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