Opposition leader blasts Babonneau MP

Opposition leader, Doctor Gale Rigobert, has sharply criticized Babonneau MP, Alvina Reynolds, over the way Reynolds has attended to the needs of the constituency.

“There are dark clouds hanging over this constituency,” Rigobert declared as she addressed a political meeting to officially launch the opposition candidate for Babonneau, Ezechiel Joseph.

Joseph, a former Babonneau MP, lost the seat to  Alvina Reynolds by two votes in the last elections, perhaps the slimmest ever in Saint Lucia’s electoral history.

“We came into this constituency to tell you that darkness is over and the light of the flambeau is here,” Rigobert told supporters of the opposition United Workers Party (UWP).

She recalled having urged residents of Babonneau during the last elections to stand by Ezechiel Joseph, a man whom Rigobert described as one who had proven his worth by working for the people of the constituency and Saint Lucia.

However the opposition leader asserted that some had allowed “the enemy” to plant seeds of doubt in their heads, resulting in them committing an error.

Rigobert told the UWP supporters that by their numbers at the political meeting, she knew that they want to correct the error they made at the last elections.

“You know the good thing about making an error sometimes is that you can learn from your mistakes,” the opposition leader, who is the MP for Micoud North, observed.

Rigobert asked the crowd:

“What has Alvina Reynolds done for you in the past four years?”

The opposition leader said that because of the health portfolio that the Babonneau MP holds as a Minister of Government, not only are the people of Babonneau suffering but all Saint Lucia as well.

Rigobert described Reynolds as being incompetent, lacking compassion and having no interest in the people of this country.

She recalled “the horror” of September 2009, a reference to a deadly fire that swept through St Jude Hospital in Vieux Fort.

The operations of the hospital were transferred to the George Odlum national stadium.

But Rigobert recounted that the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP), clamored for the stadium to be returned to the sportsmen and women of Saint Lucia.

“I want to ask the labour party, are the sportsmen and women no longer in need of the George Odlum stadium?” She said.

Rigobert told UWP supporters that for four years the SLP has promised the people of Saint Lucia that the new St Jude hospital will be opened, but wondered when that day will come.

She said when the UWP is returned to government it will ensure that the hospital is reopened so that the people of the South will have a place to visit to obtain quality health care.