PM: Health care has to be top priority

Prime Minister Doctor Kenny Anthony has asserted that health care has to be a top priority.

Anthony told supporters of the ruling Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) on Thursday night that his deputy, Philip J. Pierre, was right in declaring that people cannot continue going around with a piece of paper begging others for money to pay for surgeries.

“We must bring an end to that,” the SLP leader declared to a crowd on the Castries Market steps.


He said that Saint Lucia cannot continue sending its people to Martinique, Cuba and elsewhere all the time because this country does not have the means to provide them with health care.

“For us in a new government, we have to cure it once and for all and it has to be a top priority,” Anthony told party supporters.

He said now that the economy is stronger and better, Saint Lucia is positioned for Universal Health Care (UHC).

Turning his attention to the young people of Saint Lucia, Anthony stated that the SLP administration will continue to pay special to them.

He explained that the SLP is aware that it has to give young people hope and opportunities.

Anthony disclosed that one of the things he wants to do this time around, is instead of having a Ministry of Tourism, Heritage and Creative Industries, is to take Tourism away from Heritage and Creative Industries and establish a separate Ministry of Heritage and Creative Industries to help young people even more.

According to the Prime Minister, every playing field in this country must have lights in the next term.

He indicated that in a new term, the SLP will give every community the pavilions they require.

“I want every football field in this country to be constructed on FIFA approved standards – no pappy show playing fields again.” The SLP leader told party supporters.

He recalled that a start had been made by the SLP government in introducing young people to the world of technology.

Anthony spoke of the need to expand opportunities in technology for the youth by giving them more training.

He observed that the Labour government had created a revolution in education.

“Now we can stand before the whole world and say Saint Lucia is able to provide every child with an opportunity to go to secondary school because this labour government had the foresight and the courage to do it,” Anthony recalled.

He said that was not enough.

Anthony declared that because of the SLP’s passion for education, the party is going to ensure that a system is introduced to provide support for CXC examinations based on performance so that students will not be denied the opportunity to sit examinations because they cannot afford CXC fees.

He noted that every child in form three was given a laptop computer under the SLP administration.

“This labour government must expand it so that every child in a secondary school will be able to get a laptop,” Anthony said, adding that the future demands that a new generation of children who are technologically savvy.



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