UWP says Soufriere meeting a success

CASTRIES, Saint Lucia –Friday, April 15, 2016 – A crowd of thousands of people came to Soufriere Thursday night to listen to the United Workers Party’s plans for Saint Lucia.

The overflow crowds showing up to hear the UWP are a testament not only to the party’s progressive campaign and promotional abilities of an alchemy of compatible interests, but the increasing belief that the UWP is a sound alternative Government.

In recent weeks the UWP has attracted more and more people to its rallies, riding a wave of Facebook shares, retweets and old-fashioned word-of-mouth.

The United Workers’ Party continues drawing energy and attention away from the incumbent party and exposing a lack of enthusiasm for its candidates.

Speaking at the Soufriere meeting, political leader Allen Chastanet expressed his intentions to see to it that the potential of Soufriere is realized and that the people of this historic community get an opportunity to participate equitably in the social and economic development of the country.
The political leader also endorsed Herod Stanislaus as one with a voice of serious analysis and reason. Mr. Stanislaus can be expected to champion the cause of the youth.

He is sensitive to the needs, dreams and aspirations of young people; not only in the Soufriere constituency, but across St. Lucia.

“Herod Stanislaus is part of a formula we have crafted that will advance the development of St. Lucia and create new and meaningful economic opportunities for its people” said Chastanet.

Soufriere candidate Herod Stanislaus gave a dynamic presentation outlining his vision and plans for his constituency. “Soufriere is a very unique constituency, a constituency that can sustain itself and its people, but needs to be m

anaged and represented differently” said Stanislaus.

His aim is to influence and witness the progress of his fellow constituents as well as to see the people of Soufriere enjoy a better standard of living.

The people of Soufriere/Fond St. Jacques can look forward to improved health facilities, better facilities for farmers and vendors, enhanced infrastructure, refurbishment of roads and improvement of the hospitality sector.

“Tonight I ask voters of the Soufriere constituency, when will you begin to put your interest first? When will you come to terms with the reality that Labour is not your friend?” said Chastanet.
The United Workers’ Party thanks the people of Saint Lucia for their restored faith in this party and looks forward to increased support on its road to victory.