Doctor Andrew Richardson dies

Consultant Pathologist, Doctor Stephen King has described the late Doctor Andrew Richardson as a great Surgeon and a great man.

Richardson died yesterday.

King told the Times that as a result of the death the medical community in Saint Lucia, the region and at Tapion Hospital has been plunged into mourning.

He asserted that the medical community is much poorer for having lost Richardson, who was a General Surgeon.

King told the Times that the deceased was more than just a Surgeon.

“He was a visionary in terms of where he wanted to see the health services go in the country and the Caribbean and specifically at Tapion Hospital,” King said.

Richardson was the main founder of Tapion Hospital.

King recalled that Doctor Richardson was a mentor to many and a friend to others.

He felt it would be good for persons in the medical community and patients as well to reflect on the life of the deceased and what he wanted to achieve.

“I will always admire him not only as a Doctor but also as a man who faced many challenges that I think many of us would have great difficulty facing and I am not sure that I myself could have faced them as he did and managed them impeccably,” King said.

Richardson, who is reported to be in his sixties, some time ago had to cope with the murder of his wife.

King described the deceased as a great friend.

“I personally mourn his loss,” King said.

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