Team Unite donates to the Soufriere Hospital

Charkar Attie Esnard, President of Team Unite Organisation made a donation of grocery item, kitchen utensils, electrical appliances, a refrigerator and a four burner stove to the Soufriere Hospital.

Team Unite Organisation is from Morne La Croix in Soufriere has been in existence since 2013. Esnard stated that the main aim of the organisation was to create employment for its members.

“When one of our members Daniel Esnard, which was my brother, died in 2014 we decided to change the name to Team Unite because he had a boat that he used for hustling under the name Unite. From there we advocated for better health care because we were not pleased with the way he was treated medically after he received a stab wound. So we went to advocate for better healthcare, also promoting peace. We did have a march against crime and violence and off-course we continued to create employment for our members.”

The donation, Esnard added, was the result of a fund raiser held on February 22nd and 23rd, 2015 along with the philanthropic support from a visiting couple to the island. Esnard thanked the many supporters and sponsors for the success of the fund raising event and apologized for the delay in presenting the donated items.

“With a number of items needed at the hospital we were not sure as to where to start. Some people suggested that we put the money as a fund and continue to let it grow but when I had a tour with a family from Scotland, they were at Sugar Beach Resort in Soufriere, I was telling them about our organisation where they decided to purchase the fridge and stove on behalf of Team Unite and that we are very grateful for. Since Mr. and Mrs. Rushmore from Scotland gladly purchased the fridge and stove that Team Unite needed for the hospital we decided to fully equip the Soufriere Hospital Kitchen. Therefore, we got a number of items for the cupboards to serve persons…we got lots of groceries and the balance of the money $1,270, we look forward to purchasing examination lamps, some Xray viewer boxes and a few other items needed. ”

Esnard also indicated that the Soufriere Hospital will also benefit from an bank account named “The Daniel Esnard Foundation,”  This account is being opened upon the request of a Kenwood family out of Canada who’s son will be running a marathon in England.

“As soon as this is ready, monies from Canada will be sent directly to the account and when Mr. Kenwood, the son, runs the marathon in the UK all monies, support will come directly to that bank account in St. Lucia.”

Assistant Principal Nursing Officer attached to the Soufriere Hospital, Benedicta Payne expressed her profound gratitude for the donation on behalf of the Soufriere Hospital and the Ministry of Health, Wellness Human Services and Gender Relations.

“We are really excited that you have decided to make Soufriere Hospital the beneficiary of your organisation by donating many items to the hospital. We will make very good use of it and we are also pleased to have that partnership with the community, the residents of Soufriere. We know we have had some very trying circumstances but we’re hoping with this initiative we can bridge that gap and continue to foster partnerships and cooperation and coordination between us and the community.”

Niké St. Clair, Human Resource Officer in the Ministry of Health added that such partnerships will assist the ministry of health in providing improved services to the people of St. Lucia.

“We embrace such initiatives from members of the public because we are faced with financial constraints and when we receive such items it helps alleviate some of the burdens that we are faced with. Once again I would like to thank you and we look forward to working with you some time in the future.”

The presentation took place at the Soufriere Hospital on Wednesday 13th April, 2016.

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