Lewis: Agriculture should not disrupt Education

Asserting that agriculture plays an important role, Education Minister, Robert Lewis, has said that agriculture practices ought not to disrupt the education of children.

Lewis made the comments while announcing that the Augier Combined School will reopen on Monday, April 25, 2016.

The institution has been closed for two weeks in the current school term and two in the last term as a result of problems associated with the operation of nearby poultry farms.

Lewis told members of the local media today that a productive meeting was held with staff of the Augier Combined School, parents and residents of the community and there was agreement to reopen the institution tomorrow.

He disclosed that the hope was that one farmer would have been moved.

However the Minister revealed that three are being moved, with the result that the school will now reopen on Monday.

“All of the issues will not be resolved come Monday, but at least what we expect, because they have already cleaned out at least two farms and we expect a third will be moved,  I expect less disruption for the school,” Lewis stated.

He noted that the government’s position is that all farms around the Augier school should be re-located  by the summer of this year.

The Minister said Invest Saint Lucia has been asked to identify proper land for the farmers so that they can be moved, to alleviate the problem that has been experienced for some ten year now.

Lewis expressed his gratitude to all involved, including parents, staff, residents of the community, for the patience they exercised while the problem was being addressed.