New CSA team to challenge pensions act

New CSA team to challenge pensions act

The current President of the Saint Lucia Civil Service Association (CSA), Cletus Cyril, presenting  some members his new CSA team that is going up for the union’s April 27, 2016 elections, has promised to challenge the pensions act in court.

It was one of several promises The CSA President said that he and team would keep by 2018 as a new executive coming into office.

Cyril told a news conference this morning that he and his team promise to get employers to respect CSA members.

“We will challenge legally the changes in the pensions act of 1967 and the pensions act amendment of 2013 which creates inequality and inequity for some members,” he disclosed.


The President said he and his CSA team will work relentlessly to have government and employers to seek first to fill vacancies within, and discontinue the system of political appointments in the public service.

He pledged to actively lobby and advocate for adequate safeguards against the government’s recourse to the use of term contracts which neglect the protection of security of tenure in the public service.

Cyril also vowed to seek to stop any more job cuts by employers or government in the name of public sector reform or modernization, or to address deficits not caused by CSA members, adding that he and his team will also press for decent pay for CSA members.

“We will stop all moves to offer our members a zero, zero, zero percent,” he told this morning’s news conference.

Cyril said intention was to improve the disposable income of members while averting moves to cut the salaries of CSA members.

He spoke of plans to get additional income for the trade union and its members by pursuing direct business investment activities.

In addition, Cyril said that he and his team will operationalize the workers multi-purpose cooperative to  bring additional income to members.

Asserting that CSA members were responsible for Saint Lucia having an Owen King Eu Hospital today, the CSA President disclosed that attempts would be made to ensure that members own and operate the hospital canteen.

He disclosed that he and his new executive would partner with the government to obtain dialysis services for CSA members.

Cyril also spoke of bringing innovative benefits to CSA members including land and education, while continuing to provide free CXC lessons in certain subjects for union members whose children are at secondary school.




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  1. the youth
    April 19, 2016 at 2:11 pm Reply

    WOW thats more like it a team that would take government head on . I will support this team 100% is time that we show the SAVE the Union AKA Wreak the CSA what time it is ….heard they sending up new disciples and hiding in the background…you’all so concern about saving the CSA, yet when election come April 27 2016 for you’all to do it legally, you all not putting yourself up.Members beware of the people they are sending up.I am a young public servant that came in the service after 2003 and i would not enjoy a pension when i retire but my co worker who join the public service in 2002 would enjoy a pension when he retire and worse of all 5% of my salary goes to the NIC and none from his ..where is the equity in that …Please fight that in court and ensure my pension right is preserve..i will vote for that oily team.

  2. CSA Member
    April 19, 2016 at 10:40 pm Reply

    Very good intensions Mr. President.
    Your team is indeed paying attention to our needs and is not side-tracked by the “Wreck Our Union Group”. Keep up the good work -Sir.

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