John Charlery confident of victory

John Charlery, the ruling party’s endorsed candidate for Castries North, has expressed confidence that he can defeat the incumbent – Stephenson King, at the next elections.

Charlery was addressing a news conference this morning at the headquarters of the ruling Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP).

He said he decided to enter elective politics because he saw the need for Castries North to get the representation it richly deserves.

The SLP candidate expressed confidence that he could provide the quality representation for which residents have been clamoring for the past ten years.

“I know there are some who are of the view that I have undertaken a monumental task, but at an early age growing up in Laborie I was made to understand that success only comes with hard work and dedication,” John Charlery asserted.

He disclosed that he has resided in Castries North for some 20 years and was involved in four election campaigns.

According to Charlery, he has remained in contact with the people outside of election campaigning and had formed a bond with them that goes beyond politics.

He cited youth unemployment and weak organizational structures in the community as two of the problems facing Castries North.

John Charlery declared that for too long people have depended on government to address problems.

He explained that a cornerstone of his policy as an elected representative would be to make the people a major part of any solution by getting them involved in the development of the constituency.