Stabbing victim speaks

Stabbing victim, nineteen year old Davia Michelle Hypolite,  has spoken for the first time since she was savagely attacked yesterday at the home she shared with her boyfriend, Nathan Chassang.

Chassang, a prime suspect in the attack, died this morning at Victoria Hospital.

He is reported to have consumed a poisonous substance.

Hypolite had accused Chassang, with whom she had an abusive relationship, of stabbing her multiple times after she told him that their abusive relationship was over.

She told the Times that when she told Chassang that it was over, he declared that if he could not have her no one else would.

“I have learned a lot from the incident; some men can be very wicked,” Hypolite told the Times.

She asserted that once abuse occurs in a relationship, it will happen again.

“There is no such thing as it will not happen again because I used to think so,” she recalled.

Hypolite disclosed that although her stab wounds are very deep, they are not life threatening.


“I am getting there,” she told the Times.

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