Suspect dies after apparent suicide

The suspect in yesterday’s savage knife and scissors attack on a woman at Monchy died this morning at Victoria Hospital, the victim’s relatives have disclosed.

The relatives have identified the deceased as Nathan Chassang, who is said to be in his thirties.

Davia Michelle Hypolite, 19,  was attacked yesterday morning.

It is reported that the attack came after she informed Chassang that their abusive relationship was over.

According to reports, Chassang asserted that if he could not have the young woman, no one would.

Hypolite sustained at least four stab wounds in the back.

Her Uncle, Lance Mathurin told the Times that his niece played dead in a ruse to stop her assailant from inflicting further injury.

Her attacker is reported to have fled the scene of the crime, after raising the victim’s arm, dropping it and declaring that she was dead.

Hypolite, bleeding profusely, was discovered by neighbours who summoned an ambulance that took her to hospital.

The police were later on the scene.

The assailant is later reported to have consumed a poisonous substance  and was also taken to hospital where he succumbed, it was reported.


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