Victim says she’s not to blame for suspect’s death

Davia Michelle Hipolyte, the woman who was hospitalized after being stabbed several times at her home yesterday, has written on her Facebook page that everyone is against her because of the death of the suspect in the stabbing, Nathan Chassang.

Chassang is reported to have consumed a poisonous substance after the incident and died this morning at Victoria Hospital.

According to Hipolyte, everyone is against her as though she gave the deceased the substance to drink.

She asserted that no one is considering the other side of the issue where she could have lost her life had she not fought to save herself.

“I am suffering at the hospital – no one see that, but God is in control,” the nineteen year old woman wrote, adding: ” “Rip Shawn Nathan Chassang.”

Above a photo of the two is the caption: My bbe till death.

Hipolyte reported being stabbed several times in the back after she told Chassang that she was ending a relationship in which she was constantly abused.

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