Home education advised for pregnant girl

Former Education Minister, Arsene James, has recommended that a pregnant pre-teen be given home education.

“You cannot kick the child out of school or say you are not going to provide her with an education at that age,” James told the Times.

He said that special arrangements would have to be made to educate the pregnant youngster.

“You would not want a pregnant eleven year old sitting among others in the class because it is going to rub off on them and they may think that is acceptable,” the Micoud South MP observed.

James also said such an initiative would protect the girl from embarrassment.

He said he would advise that the pregnant pre-teen be given home-based education until she delivers her baby, and afterwards try to reinstate her into the school system.

According to James, the issue of pregnant minors is a big problem here.

He attributed the problem to a number of factors, including early exposure of youngsters to unwholesome influences on television and via the internet.

“Some parents have no control,” the former Minister lamented.

He also observed that some young people are lured into sexual relationships by money and gifts which may give them a sense of security.

James said children need to be raised in homes where they are taught moral and social values from early.

“The buck stops at the home with parents,” he declared.

At the same time the Micoud South MP explained that society and the school system can play a role.

But he noted that people cannot expect the society to raise their children.

Nevertheless, he observed that some parents are very young themselves and were not brought up in the right way, so as a result they are incapable of raising their own children properly and need help.