Patients complain of filthy Health Centre

The Ministry of Health today announced plans for a cleanup of the Castries Health Centre, after complaints from patients that the place was filthy.

“Well I think it’s not nice that situation, you come to see Doctor and you have to be sitting down in a place that nasty,” one irate patient told the Times.

According to the individual, who requested anonymity, the floor was stained with filth and vomit.


The woman said when she saw the condition of the place she requested a mop and a bucket to do some cleaning.

However she claimed that everyone she approached told her “it was not them.”

“So I don’t know who to go to,” the woman declared.

Other patients were quite vocal about the situation.

An official from the Ministry of Health, contacted by the Times, disclosed that steps were underway to clean up the facility including the use of a power wash device.

The official explained that the mess was evident in an area of the Health Centre that is not in use.

The official said that as a result, staff were not aware of the situation.




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