US: Teenage girl dies in fight over boy

US: Teenage girl dies in fight over boy

Friends have paid tribute to a 16-year-old girl who was killed in a fight, reportedly over a boy, in a high school toilet.

A witness told how Amy Inita Joyner-Francis was fatally injured in a confrontation with a number of other girls at the school in Wilmington, Delaware, when she hit her head on a sink.

Police have not released any details about what happened in the toilets at Howard High School of Technology, but homicide detectives have interviewed several students and two girls were taken in for further questioning, Wilmington Police Chief Bobby Cummings said.

School was dismissed after the incident on Thursday morning but was due to resume on Friday with a shortened day to provide counselling for the victim’s traumatised classmates.

Hundreds of students and community activists attended a vigil outside the school on Thursday night.

Friends and classmates flooded social media with posts expressing their shock and sharing memories, using the hashtag #RIPAmy.

One of Amy’s friends, Shytera Dawkins, said she was an energetic and bubbly person who looked forward to graduating from high school.

She told Delaware Online: “All I wanted to do with my friend was walk across the stage and get our diplomas.

“And now that dream is taken away because she’s not there.

“This was like the first time that someone died over a fight.

“Amy is a good girl who gets good grades who stays out of trouble. For them to fight, it’s just wow, a shocker for everybody.”

Nik Stryminski said Amy had stepped in to prevent him from getting into a fight at school in the past.

He said: “It’s not even like she went in there to fight. She went in there to talk things out.”

City councilman Nnamdi Chukwuocha told Delaware Online fights among young women were not uncommon.

He said: “Some of the worst fights I’ve seen in the community have been with the females.

“We need to address the needs of the young women. As of right now, I don’t think we’re doing that.”


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