Former Caribbean Cinemas boss faces jail

The former general manager of Caribbean Cinemas has been ordered to repay more than $71,000, which he stole from the company’s Change Fund between July 1 and August 20, 2011.

Yesterday, High Court Judge Keith Thom ordered Rowan Thomas to shell out $10,000 of the amount due, on the spot. He was also told that he would be required to reimburse the balance, in instalments, by December 2017.

The court further ruled that if Thomas failed to pay another $14,000 by July 2016, he would be jailed for a year, and if he fails to return $13,000 by December 2016, the convict would be incarcerated for another consecutive year.

Thomas faces more jail time if he does not comply with the court’s order that he should meet two more deadlines in July 2017 and December 2017.

Any default to hand over the money on those two occasions would result in him spending one year in prison for each of the missed deadlines.

In addition to the restitution order, Justice Thom fined Thomas $15,000, which must be paid in three equal instalments of $5,000 each — by May 3, October 31 and December 31 this year — or he would have to serve a one-year jail sentence.

(Antigua Observer)