Legalizing ganja – a crime fighting initiative?

The former Chairman of the Cannabis Movement, Andre Decaires, has asserted that legalizing ganja could be a crime fighting tool for the authorities.

According to Decairies, legalizing cannabis would keep several people out of jail and ease overcrowding at the prison.

He told the Times that it would also provide relief to an overburdened court system.

Decaires expressed the opinion that the image of the police would also change in the minds of an estimated fifty thousand ganja users in Saint Lucia, who currently see lawmen as a danger to them.

He explained that all the science is showing that marijuana is actually beneficial in terms of being a medicine and a crop that could contribute to economic development.

“We use sexual images to promote alcohol with promises of prestige and success to increase alcohol consumption, yet alcohol is a lethal drug but we criminalizing people for flowers in their pocket,” Decaires told the Times.

He declared that incarcerating people for the possession of ganja is locking them up for a victimless, non-violent crime.

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