SMO says: Be prepared for the heat !

Senior Medical Officer in the Ministry of Health, Doctor Alisha Eugene, has advised members of the public to take appropriate measures to protect themselves during the current heatwave.

Figures from the Saint Lucia Meteorological Services indicate that March was the hottest month of the year so far.

March 2016 recorded an average of 27 degrees Celsius, compared to 26.1 in February and 25.9 in January.

The average temperature for March 2015 was 26.2 degrees.

The SMO told the Times that elderly people and children may be especially vulnerable to complications caused by exposure to excessive heat.

Doctor Eugene has advised that if persons happen to be going out, it may be a good idea to do so during time periods when the heat is not so severe.

However she had acknowledged that people have to work and as a result have to be outdoors.

The SMO said in such a situation, they should ensure that they are adequately hydrated by drinking a lot of water.

Eugene told the Times that they should also consider using sun block and wear hats or use umbrellas.

She noted that alcohol consumption can cause dehydration, so those who drink should ensure that they consume adequate amounts of water.

According to the SMO, care should also be exercised so that elderly persons and children are not left in locked rooms or cars.

Eugene explained that they should be in well ventilated areas.

Early symptoms of over exposure to heat include weakness, dizziness and headaches.




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