Former Senior Cop: PM broke the law !

Former Deputy Police Commissioner, Hermangild Francis, has accused Prime Minister Doctor Kenny Anthony of breaking the law.

“The PM broke the law,” Francis declared during an address to supporters of the opposition United Workers Party (UWP) last night.

He was recounting events that led up to the controversial IMPACS investigation into alleged extra judicial killings by members of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force, during Operation Restore Confidence (ORC).

Francis recalled that Doctor Kenny Anthony had told the world of seeing a “hit list”, but when he got into power behaved as though nothing had happened.

Francis said that Vernon Francois, who was at the time Acting as Police Chief, was confirmed in the position by Anthony.

He declared:

“Does that not tell you that he was satisfied with the job that Vernon Francois was doing?”

Francis recalled that it took three years after confirming Francois in the position, for Anthony to ask the Police Chief to go home.

“Up to a day like today we do not know why or for what reason Vernon had to quit his post as Commissioner of Police,” the former Deputy Police Chief told UWP supporters.

He called on Anthony to say why Francois was sent home.

Francis said the Prime Minister had amended the legislation to bring in the IMPACS investigators, nor realizing that the amendment indicated that after the investigation was completed all statements should have been handed over to the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP).

However Francis asserted that Anthony and not the DPP was the one who received the IMPACS report.

“The PM gave a televised address and he stated that he had the IMPACS report and would subsequently had it over to the DPP. He stated at the time that he was a firm believer in the sacred concept of separation of powers,” the former Senior Police Officer told UWP supporters.

However Francis noted that in the same breath, Anthony used certain sections of the IMPACS report to castigate the police.

“He said all twelve killings by the police were fake encounters, that guns were planted on the scene; so there he was combining the three arms of government – he was the executive and he initiated the investigation; he was the legislator because he amended the law to allow these persons to come in; then he acted as the judge in pronouncing judgment on the police officers,” Francis declared.

“The PM broke the law. I say it again, he broke the law by allowing his cabinet colleagues to see the report before the DPP,” the former Senior Police Officer concluded.