King tells supporters: Get rid of labour!

Former Saint Lucia Prime Minister, Stephenson King, speaking before an ecstatic crowd of opposition supporters last night, has urged them to get rid of the current Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) government.

King said a comparison between the SLP administration and United Workers Party (UWP) in office was one of chalk to cheese.

The Castries North MP, who had earlier been exchanged an embrace with UWP leader – Allen Chastanet, asserted that during the period 2006 to 2011, his administration faced one of the worst economic crises since the great depression.

King said despite the challenge, this country recorded growth.

He recalled that while in government, his government had to face major international disturbances including spiraling oil prices.

But he observed that his was a government of compassion that absorbed oil prices.

In contrast the Castries North MP noted that the labour government has enjoyed the lowest oil prices but boast of having brought them down.

He said the difference between the UWP and the SLP in office was the difference of a government under pressure delivering to the satisfaction of the people and the government that had it easy.

King, who appeared to have distanced himself from the UWP since he lost the leadership of the party to Allen Chastanet, told party supporters in kweyol that he was in the house and as a result people were afraid.

“They are going mad because King is here tonight,” he declared.

The Castries North MP said many UWP supporters have been asking questions because they had not seen him for a long while.

He said:

“Many of you have been wondering about Stephenson King. Many of you have met me and you have expressed your feelings about my absence. But my friends I say unto you, let not your hearts be troubled.”

King noted that some have described him as a silent man.

However he warned that persons should not be carried away by his silence because his silence can be deadly.

The former UWP leader described himself as one man in Saint Lucia who has been stable in terms of his political philosophy, being neither left or centre but on the platform of the UWP.

King pledged to continue serving under the banner of the UWP.

He promised to speak in greater detail on a subsequent occasion about what has happened and what people have been thinking about him.



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