2016 KFC National Basketball League well underway

The Saint Lucia Basketball Federation (SLBF) and title sponsor KFC commenced its National Basketball League on April 9th 2016. Despite a low Key Opening Ceremony at the Vigie Multi-Purpose Sports Complex, the basketball action was nothing but!

In Game 1, the RSLPF came out in full force against the short-handed Lions who fielded a 5 man squad. The outcome for the Lions seemed inevitable however from the opening TIP, the Lions pounced on the law men with an aggressive, up tempo style which should have favored the superior manned RSLPF. At the half the Police officers held a 2 point lead, but in the 3rd quarter the Lions mounted a furious transition attack which the opponents seemed unable to counter. The RSLPF finally seemed to figure out the Lions in the fourth quarter, but by then it was too late.

The final score of game one Lions 87, RSLPF 79. For their gritty effort all five Lions players we recognized as players of the game; but the standout and KFC player of the game was Karlvin Augier who had a monster game with 15pts and 19 rebounds.

Fabian “Fabs’ Florton led the scoring attack with 38pts, 6 rebounds and Arthur Lisson had a solid all round game with 24pts, 10 rebounds, and 5 assists.

Game two saw the highly anticipated matchup between the 2015 finalists Courts Jets and VBCC. Both team’s seemed to have made some changes to their respective rosters in the hope of maintaining or securing the winning formula. Both teams seemed to be sizing each other up in the first half which saw courts jets going into the second half with a 6 point lead. In the second half the Jets put on the afterburners with that patented running style and put the game away 69-62. Both teamed were very reserved post game as if knowing that they will be seeing each other later in the season. The KFC player of the game was Courts Jets standout Andre Louison with 18 pts and 10 Rebounds. For VBCC Nigel Francis put up 20 points in the loss.

The teams participating in this year’s KFC National League are as follows: In Division one: RSLPF, Courts Jets Co-ed, VBCC Junior Warlords, Lions, Run N Gun, Bocage, BFTF (Basketball for the Future) Premiere League: Soufriere Sulphur Stars, Courts Jets, VBCC Warlords, Morne Gladiators, Canaries Moon River, Micoud Hustlerz, Windward Islands. Here are the results of the games played to date and the results:


DIV 1 – Police vs Lions 87-79

PL – Courts Jets vs VBCC 69-62

PL – Morne vs Windwards 72 – 42

Div 1 – Jets Co-Ed vs Bocage 55 – 54

PL – Micoud Hustlerz vs Canaries 66 – 42

Div 1 – BFTF vs Police 71 – 54

Div 1 – Run N Gun vs VBCC 2 99 – 24

PL – Courts Jets vs Soufriere 82 – 33

DIV 1 – Bocage vs Lions 53 – 75

PL – VBCC vs Micoud 73 – 66

DIV 1 – VBCC 2 vs Jets CoEd 89 – 33

PL – Morne vs Canaries 20 – 0 (Win by default)

DIV 1 – Police vs Run N Gun 62 – 55

PL – Windwards vs VBCC 28 – 73

Div 1 – BFTF vs Lions 20 – 0 (win by default)

PL – Courts Jets vs Micoud 62 – 51

Games continue tomorrow:

Div 1 – BFTF vs VBCC Junior Warlords (7pm Complex)

PL – Windwards vs Soufriere (7pm Soufriere)

The general public and all basketball enthusiasts are welcomed to come out to support the 2016 KFC National Basketball League which are played island wide, see the following link for full schedule of games: http://goo.gl/KR11t1

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