Allen Chastanet Responds to PM’s latest word on IMPACS

CASTRIES, Saint Lucia –Tuesday, April 26, 2016 – Mr. Allen Chastanet, the leader of the opposition United Workers’ Party, has categorically denied the charge by Prime Minister Kenny Anthony on Sunday that Mr. Chastanet has threatened to leak the IMPACS Report.

Addressing the prime minister’s remarks this morning, Mr. Chastanet said: “Instead of using the occasion to report to the country if any progress has been made since his promises to EU human rights representatives and the US State Department in December 2015, Dr. Anthony continues to rely on diversionary tactics and the principle of divide and rule. It is he who should be accounting for any leak, if indeed there has been one.”

The UWP leader said: “Our party has already addressed how it will handle Dr. Anthony’s IMPACS Report upon its return to office.” He said his party has nothing to gain from further delaying due process in the matter. As for the prime minister’s remarks about possible contamination of the process, Mr. Chastanet said the prime minister should have thought about that when he revealed to the public what he claimed were important elements of the IMPACS report, including references to then police commissioner Vernon Francois and the so-called damning evidence the prime minister said the report contained.

“If there has been any contamination,” Chastanet said, “it happened when the prime minister read out to the whole world important aspects from the investigation he initiated—including confirmation of a death list—even before the DPP had had the opportunity to peruse it. It did not help that the prime minister failed to give the DPP “adequate resources” and evidence for pursuing due process in the matter of IMPACS.

Mr. Chastanet said the prime minister should stop talking the “responsible leadership talk” and instead start walking the walk. The UWP leader said in his statement issued earlier today: “The United Workers’ Party reaffirms that within one hundred days of assuming office it will launch an independent investigation into how the IMPACS investigation was undertaken and how the follow-up has been handled. As the US State Department has already observed, it has taken Dr. Anthony four years to make a decision on the way forward, at great cost to Saint Lucia’s image at home and abroad.”

The UWP leader added: “It is time the matter of IMPACS was brought to a credible conclusion.”