Antigua: Syrian businessman shot dead

Police have confirmed that a third individual is being held in connection with the shooting death of Syrian businessman Mazem Daher.
Thirty-eight-year-old Daher, of Marble Hill Road, became the second confirmed homicide victim for the year after he was shot and killed during a robbery at his Old Parham Road fast food restaurant late on Saturday night.
Although the police said investigations into the crime were ongoing, on Sunday night they released the names of two suspects to state-owned media and a government aligned newspaper. The three men were last night being held without charge.
A police source confirmed there were no immediate plans to charge the trio in connection with the murder. As OBSERVER went to press last night no one had been charged.
Police reports indicate that around 11:30 pm, on Saturday, of the three detained men — one was dressed in a black shirt and a pair of long blue jeans with his face concealed, and another was wearing a red hoodie and long blue jeans. They entered the restaurant and robbed Daher of an undisclosed sum of money.
The Syrian-born businessman was shot in the upper body during the incident, and was later discovered lying on the floor of the restaurant.
Daher, who has been living in Antigua for more than 11 years, was unmarried and had no children.
Members of the Antiguan Syrian Club met on Sunday night to pay respects to Daher’s only immediate family here, a nephew.
OBSERVER media was told, as is customary in Syrian culture, the community will convene for three consecutive nights from 7 pm to 9 pm to express sympathies to his nephew.
The community is looking at the high cost to repatriate the deceased’s body and consideration is also being made to bury him in Antigua, once the authorities release the body.
(Antigua Observer)