Chastanet Unveils UWP’s Vision for a Better Saint Lucia

CASTRIES, Saint Lucia –Monday, April 25, 2016 – Political Leader of the United Workers’ Party, Allen Chastenet began to unfold the Party’s vision for a return to prosperity and social equality at the Party’s Gros Islet rally last night.

Before an enthusiastic crowd of several hundred at the Grand Rivière Playing Field, Chastanet first encouraged Saint Lucians to hold on and have faith in their country, in themselves and in the United Workers’ Party’s ability to change their lives for the better.

He also exhorted his audience to put their faith once more in UWP candidate Lenard “Spider” Montoute as a man who made things happen for his constituents of Gros Islet. “Lenard ‘Spider’ Montoute is passionate about the development of the communities of this Gros Islet constituency and is eager to get back in there and champion the cause of his people,” said Chastanet.

Decrying a litany of failures, broken promises and the impoverishment of Saint Lucians by the Saint Lucia Labour Party under Kenny Anthony’s leadership, Chastanet vowed to bring change to the governance of Saint Lucia’s affairs; “I am saying to you tonight, that a vote for Allen Chastanet and this United Workers’ Party will start the process of building a new, solid foundation with fortified pillars, and our focus will be on growth and a fair share for all,” he declared.

Chastanet is firm in his belief that one of those economic pillars is the tourism industry. “We are not persuaded that we have fully utilized the opportunities of both cruise and land-based tourism. The Caribbean is only 1.5% of the world’s tourism and St Lucia is less than 2% of the Caribbean’s tourism. In other words there is a lot of opportunity for growth,” he explained. “Tourism is our most globally competitive industry. It is an industry that will create more demand for our agricultural and manufactured products. Tourism brings the world to our doorstep and is a platform to promote the best from St Lucia. For Tourism to be successful, we need to build an authentic tourism product, which means we have to encourage more St. Lucians to be involved as entrepreneurs. We will have a programme to ensure our nationals will be given access to viable land and the requisite resources so they can succeed,” Chastanet said.

He then went on to touch on agriculture; “The UWP is equally not satisfied with the level of technological advancement or the priority given to agriculture. St. Lucia should today be producing more of what it consumes and should also be exporting to neighboring islands,” he said.

In closing the UWP Political Leader left the crowd with these words; “We are saying this evening that we have to chart a new path forward if St Lucia is to be developed to its fullest potential. St Lucia in its present state cannot meet the needs and expectations of our population, worse yet, we are falling behind the rest of the world. In short, things are not right. Too many of our people have been marginalized and made to feel as outsiders in their own country.

We are saying tonight that we need to build a new St. Lucia. A St. Lucia that is fair and just. A St. Lucia where hard work and a positive attitude brings progress, fulfillment and financial reward FOR ALL!”