CSA elections underway

Elections for a new executive of the Saint Lucia Civil Service Association (CSA), are currently underway.

Presiding Officer, David Moise, told the Times that the poll was important in ensuring that the executive chosen is one of the people.

Moise observed that CSA members have been saying that they want more of an input in the affairs of Saint Lucia’s largest trade union grouping.

He disclosed that there has been a steady stream of voters, especially during the first hour of voting.

Moise revealed that for this  CSA elections there are more polling stations, including a mobile one, and electronic voting.

“Before you vote we have to check you electronically to ensure that you have not voted, so we are just trying the make the process more transparent,” the Presiding Officer explained.

He said with the electronic system, once someone votes it is flagged.

There are some two thousand and eighty voters.

An estimated twenty individuals are contesting the various elective posts within the CSA.

Polling stations close at 5:PM.

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