WASCO to reopen bids to desilt dam

The Water and Sewerage Company Limited (WASCO) has decided to reopen bids for the rehabilitation of the John Compton Dam, after negotiations with a bidder collapsed.

The announcement was made today at a news conference.

WASCO Managing Director, Vincent Hippolyte, disclosed that six submissions were received, of which two were pre-qualified bidders.

He said in November pre-qualified bidders were invited to submit proposals, which was done in December.

Hippolyte explained that the proposals were evaluated between January and February this year.

“We arrived at the position that we should commence negotiations with one bidder,” Hippolyte told the news conference.

However he revealed that the negotiations failed because there was no meaningful result after about a month.

The WASCO Managing Director said the company was seeking a price bid considered acceptable.

He observed that this was in keeping with the estimates from Consultants and the company’s own understanding of the works to be done.

Hippolyte said the procurement rules now require that the tendering process be re-opened.

He expressed the hope that by May invitations will be sent out again.

Hippolyte observed that by August, WASCO should be in a position to receive, evaluate and either enter an award or negotiations.

He asserted that the project is very complicated.

“If we get it wrong it will be catastrophic,” Hippolyte warned.

Saint Lucia has received funding from the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB), to finance improvements to the John Compton Dam and operations of the island’s water company.

The project is expected to improve the supply of water from the under-performing dam to consumers.