Francis: Fletcher doing a fantastic job!

Opposition spokesman on national security, Hermangild Francis, has declared that Doctor James Fletcher is doing a “fantastic job” as a government Minister.

Fletcher is the ‎Minister of Public Service, Sustainable Development, Energy, Science and Technology.

Hermangild Francis has said that Fletcher is one of the most successful Ministers in the current Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) administration.

According to him, Fletcher is recognized and respected not only locally but internationally.

He observed that the Minister is not a politician, but because of his expertise and love of country is doing an excellent job.

Francis suggested to Journalist, Timothy Poleon, during last evening’s edition of Newsmaker Live, that should the opposition United Workers Party (UWP) win the next elections, he would support Fletcher’s inclusion in governance.

“Our politics must be a politics of inclusion,” the former Deputy Police Commissioner asserted.

Francis is tipped to become Minister of Home Affairs in a UWP regime.

But he declared that if there is someone who is better placed to be the Minister he would step aside and assist that individual.

“We need to use the best talents and brains that we have in the country,” Francis said, adding that Doctor James Fletcher was one of them.

He stated that although he was making a case for Fletcher, it could be done for others as well.

Francis referred to the Prime Minister holding the Finance portfolio.

“He does not know anything about finance,” the former Senior Police Officer asserted.

Francis advocated going the way of other countries.

The former Police Officer mentioned Barbados, Trinidad and Tobago and Jamaica, where he said a Minister of Finance is a professional who understands financial matters.

He said the labour party may have a team in government, but should look to the opposition or the general public if there is no one suited for a particular ministerial post.




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