Lockout notice issued to employees

The management of Saint Lu Metal & Plastic Manufacturers Ltd. has issued a ‘lockout’ notice to employees who took part in unsanctioned industrial action, effective April 28, 2016.

This came after the employees met with the National Workers Union at 11am on April 28th 2016 at which time the majority illicitly vacated the premises without any prior managerial consent.

Saint Lu Metal & Plastic has been in communications with the NWU since November 2015 after informing them of the general restructuring which was scheduled for early 2016.

This necessary general restructuring plan, consisting of both staffing and facility improvements, was developed in an attempt to ensure the continued survival of a company which has been in existence for close to (40) forty years given the current global and national economic climate.

As a result, Saint Lu, through exhausting all alternative options, was forced to make 11 positions redundant.

After consultation with the NWU, the company decided to hold back on the retrenching of 11 employees and only make 6 positions redundant.

Subsequently, the NWU requested a meeting with all of its members prior to the dismissal date, which was granted.

During this meeting, an audience with the managing director of Saint Lu was solicited to express a few words on the situation, to which the response was that the timing was inconvenient and that he was unprepared to carry out this request but he would undoubtedly hold a meeting the following day before issuing dismissal letters.

Then, the response from the representative of the NWU was that all the employees wanted to leave at 12pm and return the following day at 3pm, when the meeting was scheduled to take place, at which time the director indicated that this was not possible as the work load was far too great to have his entire workforce dismissed early, as there was a commitment to delivering orders to the company’s customers.

The action taken by the NWU was staggering and inconsiderate, when every single employee was instructed against the wish of the director, to collect their belongings and vacate the premises immediately.

This behavior taken by the NWU was absurd and unprofessional in that the normal process for resolving disputes was not followed resulting in employees the who are dependent on their steady income breaching the terms of their employment by participating in a ‘walkout’ because their request could not be met at the time convenient to them.

This unethical behavior cannot be tolerated especially from a reputable organization such as the NWU who has been working with employers and employees for so many years.

It is in this regard that the company has been left with no choice but to initiate a ‘lockout’ of all the employees participating in this unsanctioned practice.

The Management of Saint Lu Metal and Plastic Manufacturers Ltd. remains committed to its valued customers and will explore every avenue to mitigate the adverse effects of this action on its customers.

Customers are hereby advised that both our branches shall remain open for business as usual. We thank all existing and potential customers for their continued support.