Man gunned down in Ciceron

A man in his twenties was gunned down in Ciceron last night.

He has been identified as Yan Louisy, alias “Yellow”.

The father of the deceased told the Times that he heard gunshots at about 9:30p.m and later a resident of the community brought him news that his son was dead.

According to reports, Louisy had left his home in Ciceron minutes earlier to play dominoes at a nearby shop.

Three masked men are reported to have rushed into the building and opened fire, hitting him.

Louisy died on the spot, according to reports.

It is reported that his body was found behind the shop counter.


His father, Cherubin Lucien, told the Times that he was not aware that the deceased had problems with anyone.

(herubin Lucien - Father of Deceased)

Cherubin Lucien – Father of Deceased)

Louisy had a three year old son, the father disclosed.