Antigua: $30 million in drugs destroyed

On Friday, lawmen set alight $30 million worth of drugs in the Burma Quarry area.

The contraband consisted of 482.30 kilos of cocaine valued at over $10 million and 2832.28 pounds of cannabis worth close to $17 million.

The destruction of these substances is the result of countless seizures and the conclusion of a number of successful court cases.

“This is the first burning for the year 2016, and as the storage facilities become over crowded, the court in its wisdom orders destruction of these substances,” Police Public Relations Officer, Senior Sergeant Frankie Thomas told reporters present at the exercise.

Asked about the quantity being destroyed, Thomas said, “We’ve burned this amount before…or maybe even more.”

The senior sergeant explained that the substances were collected “as a result of arrests made by the police, the Narcotics Department, other departments within the Royal Police Force of Antigua & Barbuda and the ONDCP (Office of National Drug Control Policy)”.

The drugs were no longer useful as evidence, since perpetrators would have already been arrested, sentenced or fined and the matters tried. They were kept in storage for a maximum of a year and a half, Thomas informed.

(Antigua Observer)