“Cathedral killers” complain

Attorney at Law, Tiyani Behanzin, has expressed concern over the treatment of two convicted murderers, known as the “Cathedral killers.”

Kim John and Francis Phillip are serving twenty-five years to life imprisonment for the December 31, 2000 attack on worshippers attending a mass at the Castries Cathedral.

A seventy-three year old nun and a sixty-two year old Priest died in the attack.

Several others who were doused with gasoline and set alight suffered burns.

The Attorney for the “Cathedral killers”, in an interview with HTS Television Friday night, said they had complained of serious harassment at Bordelais Correctional facility.

Tiyani Behanzin told HTS that John and Phillip reported being taunted and having their dreadlocks cut in December.

“It is not only about human rights but the right of an inmate to practice his religion,” Behanzin said.

He described the cutting of the men’s dreadlocks as a serious violation, since prison authorities know that both inmates observe the Rastafarian faith.

Behanzin asserted that he had not read any law in Saint Lucia which says that someone’s dreadlocks should be cut.

He said prison authorities tend to claim that shaving hair is for the purpose of hygiene.

However the Attorney observed that prisons are modern facilities and he did not see the point.

Clive Jules, the Communications Officer at Bordelais Correctional Facility, explained that the institution is guided by section 105 of the prison rules.

Quoting from the rules, Jules noted that the hair of every male prisoner will be cut as short as necessary, except by the direction of the Medical Officer.

He said he was not aware that the rights of inmates at Bordelais were being violated.

“We are very professional when it comes to the rights of inmates,” Jules declared, adding that Kim John and Francis Phillip are no exception.