Former Minister cautions motorcyclists

Former Minister, Richard Frederick, has sounded a word of caution to motorcyclists following the death of his nephew, Benjamin Edmund.

Edmund died in hospital after his motorcycle collided on Friday with a minibus at Pierror, Vieux Fort.

Frederick said the incident was sad.

The former Housing Minister observed that his nephew was riding without a helmet.

The former Minister told the Times that such situations lend themselves to receiving even more injury in the event of a collision.

Frederick disclosed that Edmund suffered before his untimely demise, having sustained a fractured skull – among other injuries.

“I think the message to youths is stay away from motorcycles as much as you possibly can,” the MP for Castries Central asserted.

He appealed to motorcyclists to use helmets and ride at a moderate speed.

“One must not forget that the human being on that motorcycle is the shield, you are not sheltered from anything,” Frederick noted.

He recalled that at the age of eighteen when he was a police officer, he started riding motorcycles and met with an unfortunate accident.

Frederick recounted that he broke all four of his limbs.

He said he was essentially disabled for a period of time and needed frequent assistance.

“It dawned on me that I should never find myself in such a situation again and that is why from eighteen, I have never ever revisited even the thought of having a motorcycle,” Frederick