Ciceron resident attacked by criminals

Criminals attacked a Ciceron resident this afternoon on Jeremie Street.

The victim, who remains anonymous, told the Times he had gone to a Barber Shop to cut his hair.

The victim said he noticed three young men loitering near the premises.

“They were watching me,” the young Ciceron resident who is in his twenties told the Times.

He disclosed that after cutting his hair, he left the Barber Shop to get some nutmegs under the CDC apartment building.

According to the victim, at this point one of the young men whom he had seen earlier, approached him on a bicycle.

He said the youth snatched his chain, bruising his neck in the process.

“He was insisting ‘Garcon, you not paying me my money ?’” The victim recalled.

The victim recounted that as he kept denying that he owed his attacker any money, the two others approached from behind and took some two hundred dollars from his back pocket.

He said he tried to safeguard his mobile telephone by throwing it on a shop counter.

However he explained that one of the attackers grabbed the telephone.

The victim told the Times that afterwards the young men, aged in their twenties, all escaped.

A report has been made to the police about the incident which happened at about 2:30 pm.

The victim disclosed that recently he had been robbed of a mobile telephone while walking near the government buildings on the Castries Waterfront.

The victim said that two young men were involved in that incident.