Police investigate threats against Rick Wayne

Saint Lucia Police are investigating reports of threats made against veteran Saint Lucian Journalist, Rick Wayne, it has been reported.

The threats are reported to have been made on Thursday by a caller to Wayne’s television show – Talk, aired on DBS Television.

DBS Television, during its evening news last night, said that the police had become involved.

The caller is reported to have said,among other things, that he was a “bad boy” and if the opposition wins the elections, British warships would have to come to the Castries Harbor.

The caller went on to warn that there would be civil unrest.

He added in kweyol that he had guns, and said Wayne should never speak in the way that he does.

The Talk Show Host, who disclosed that he has been threatened before,  told the Times that his reaction is less important than how he feels about the threat to anyone who exercises his constitutional right to speak freely.

“A lot of people see it in a narrow context and they don’t realize that the threat is as much to the journalist as to the fishermen who wants to speak his mind on something that somebody has a different view on,” Wayne told the Times.

He continued:

“So these are threats to free speech as opposed to threats against particular journalists, even when the person making the threat imagines that he is making a threat to kill a journalist.”

Wayne explained that he has been in the business for a long time.

He asserted that as a result, he can deal with people losing their heads, talking “foolishness” and saying things they do not realize are threats.

But he explained that for him, the bigger picture has always been that free speech is an important constitutional right.

Rick Wayne observed that to threaten any single person’s right to free speech, whether that person is a journalist or a fisherman, is to threaten the entire country.

“That’s how we should look at it,” he declared.


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