Peterson Francis says he was not pushed

Peterson Francis has said that he was not pushed to step aside as the opposition candidate for Castries Central.

Addressing a news conference this morning, Francis asserted that the reasons he decided to step aside were personal.

He told the news conference that they related to “strong” family concerns.

The former United Workers Party (UWP) candidate disclosed that over the past few days he had reason to reassess his position as a candidate.

He recalled contacting UWP political leader – Allen Chastanet to inform him of the decision to step down.

Francis revealed that Chastanet asked him to reconsider and later reluctantly accepted the decision, recognizing that the concerns were serious.

He said he was “extremely happy” that former Castries Central MP, Sarah Flood-Beaubrun, was his replacement.

Peterson Francis promised to give her his full support.

Flood-Beaubrun for her part told the news conference that she has always had an affection for Castries Central.

“This is where I started my political career,” she recounted.

She said that with the help of Peterson Francis and others, she hoped to win the seat for the UWP.

Flood-Beaubrun identified youth unemployment, helping the marginalized and the poor and assisting the business community as being among her priorities.

She said it was important that the UWP wins the upcoming general elections.

According to the former government minister, Castries Central will play a pivotal role in such a victory.