Local Designers received training

May, 2016 – Taribba do Nascimento of meme bete… Ltd, a local design company, and Lyn Bristol of LBM Designs, a veteran in the local fashion industry, have received training in branding and fashion marketing in Guadeloupe.

The training formed part of the Regional Design Workshop which was conducted in collaboration with the OECS Competitive Business Unit and the Association Mawonage of Guadeloupe.

The workshop targeted 15 SMEs in both the garment and craft sectors in each Member State. Participants were identified from the Fashion Industry Assessment Exercise conducted in all member states in 2015.

The workshop was held over a three day period and assisted SMEs in examining the broader issues of design, market readiness, and creating higher quality products for the market place.

The workshop was funded by the European Union 10th EDF Regional Integration for trade in the OECS and partners in Guadeloupe.

Under the 10th Regional EDF through the OECS CBU, do Nascimento already received funding to undertake a hands on training in advanced leather bag making in Florence, Italy.

“The design workshop for me was so timely” says do Nascimento. “Having just returned from Italy and slowly learning to master my craft, it was important to shift focus to the business side of things and rethink how I market the company on an international scale”.

The workshop was facilitated by Bruno Benedic, a French Fashion expert based in Paris, who specializes in style trends, consumer approaches and marketing of luxury brands such as Karl Lagerfeld

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