Gros Islet MP responds to opposition

The opposition candidates in Gros Islet, Therold Prudent of the LPM and Leonard Montoute of the UWP, have been claiming recently that as the Parliamentary Representative for Gros Islet,  Emma Hippolyte, has done nothing in and for Gros Islet in the last five years and they are accusing me of consequently scrambling now to undertake some projects because General Elections are near.

 These gentlemen are either blind, deluded or have simply not been paying attention to developments in Gros Islet from 2012.  

If they are only now waking up to the fact that I am undertaking projects in Gros Islet, then their awakening is testimony to their lack of interest in this community over the last five years and their own desperation for attention now that general elections are looming.

 I have always made it abundantly clear that I would not follow in the footsteps of my predecessor as Parliamentary Representative who, on election morning in 2011, was having roads repaired and paved in areas like Cap Estate and Reduit Park and Orchard. In contrast to this, we have completed over fifty small and large infrastructural projects in the Gros Islet Constituency over the last five years.

It is for this reason that from the very onset of my term of office as Parliamentary Representative for Gros Islet, I have been working assiduously to empower the people of the constituency; and so we have an enviable record of initiatives and actions in a range of sectors and fields that have made a difference to the lives of the people of the District.  Our agenda for Gros Islet in the last five years has concentrated on three key sectors: Infrastructural Development, Social Empowerment and Capacity Development.

Today, let me remind the gentlemen from the Opposition Parties, of our achievements in Infrastructural Development.  One of the biggest challenges in Gros Islet today is to provide roads of an acceptable standard to the vast number of communities in the district.

 In every community you enter in Gros Islet, from La Borne on the East Coast to Trouya on the West coast, from Cap Estate in the north to Piat in the South, the request from the residents is by far for assistance to repair their roads.

 This has occurred as a result of the rapid unplanned development of the district of Gros Islet over the last thirty odd years where developers rushed to provide land and housing for incoming residents and businesses as the economy and the population of the district expanded; and once they had sold their properties, they did not turn around to maintain the roads and other infrastructural needs of those who had purchased from them.

Although the task of reversing this unfortunate growth pattern is humongous we have been attacking the problem for the last five years and have spent over seven million dollars from the Constituency Development Programme (CDP) for roads and other infrastructural projects in Gros Islet.

In fact every dollar received from the CDP has been spent on infrastructural development in Gros Islet. The following is a list of such projects financed by the CDP and the Ministry of Infrastructure which have been completed in Gros Islet from 2012 -2016.  They range from drainage works to grills to retaining walls to roads and bridges and playing courts.

Constituency Development Programme Funds

  1. Marisule -Belle Vue Drive- Drainage Works
  2. Corinth – Main Road Roads & Drains
  3. Bonaire Roads & Drains
  4. Inglewoods Side Walks & Steps
  5. Monier – Croton Drive Roads & Drains
  6. Monier Roads & Drains
  7. Nobert Retaining Walls
  8. Degazon Drains
  9. Piat, Grand Riviere.   Works done around the Faustin Development
  10. Piat Roads and Drains
  11. Desrameau Drainage Works
  12. Monchy – Hunter J Francois Drive Road & Drainage
  13. Monchy Drainage Works
  14. Monchy – Cletus Drive Roads & Drains
  15. Caye Manage Drainage Works
  16. Caye Manage – Cedar Heights Drive Roads & Drains
  17. Caye Manage link to Bonneterre  Monoco Drive Roads & Drains  
  18. Bonne Terre- Boganvillia Drive Roads & Drains
  19. Cas En Bas Drainage Works
  20. Cas En Bas – Faustin Development Roads & Drains
  21. Gros Islet – Cemetery Road Roads & Drains
  22. Gros Islet – Dauphin Street & Marina Sidewalks/grills
  23. Corinth – Victor Girard Road Road/drain
  24. Grande Riviere – Dew we Do Road Road/drain
  25. Corinth – Felix Finisterre Road Road/drain
  26. Riviere Mitant – Multi Purpose court Playing Court
  27. Grande Riviere – Julian Hunte Road Road/drain
  28. Cas En Bas- Italian Guests house Road Road/drain A1
  29. Marisule – Tool Rental Road Road
  30. Marisule – Parrot’s Hideaway Road Road/drain
  31. Monchy – La Wefren Road Road/drain
  32. Asur Canal Road/drain

Projects through the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Ministry of Physical Planning and Urban Renewal

  1. Bois D’Orange Bridge
  2. Bonne Terre Bridge
  3. Repairs to Choc Bridge
  4. Asou Canal bridge
  5. Monchy bridge and road development
  6. Human Resource Centre – Grand Riviere
  7. Pre school building – Gros Islet
  8. Municipal Building and community market – Gros Islet
  9. Monchy Housing project
  10. Trouya land development project
  11. Grill Installations at; Gros Islet, Bonne Terre, Marisule, Trouya to name a few areas.
  12. Installation of Street Lights throughout the Constituency ( Cap Estate in Particular)
  13. Bonne Terre – Pewee Drive – road/drain
  14. Beausejour Phase II – construction of seven roads
  15. Beausejour Phase I – construction of one road

This record of infrastructural projects that have been undertaken and completed in Gros Islet under my watch as Parliamentary Representative certainly exposes the spurious nature of the claims by the opposition candidates, Therold Prudent and Leonard Montoute, that we are pursuing last-minute projects in the constituency;  and our achievements in social empowerment and capacity building  will further demonstrate that out representation has been all about the constant hard work that caring for a community engenders.