No major investigation at CCSS

A Government source has denied that a major investigation is currently underway into the finances of the Castries Comprehensive Secondary School (CCSS).

The source indicated awareness of suggestions that there may have been financial improprieties at the institution.

However it was disclosed that the Ministries of Education and Finance were merely conducting a routine audit at the CCSS.

“There is a lot of information out there; nobody is being accused of anything. The ministries are conducting what is a routine activity,” the source asserted.

It was disclosed that the CCSS is not the only institution being audited.

The source explained that as a result of an audit, recommendations could be made and action taken.

But it was observed that there was no such recommendation at this point.

There is concern that as a result of reports that are being circulated in relation to the audit, people – including sponsors, are becoming skeptical of supporting not only the CCSS, but education in general.

The Times was informed that for a school to open an account, there must be permission from the Accountant General.

It was not clear how long the auditing process at the CCSS would take.