Sarah under fire over claims made about PM

The General Secretary of the ruling Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP), Leo Clarke, has criticized Sarah Flood-Beaubrun over a statement she made last night.

“Sarah Flood now says anything and expects to hoodwink the electorate,” Clarke said.

Flood-Beaubrun had claimed last night that Prime Minister Doctor Kenny Anthony had told her that mentally disabled people do not vote.

She spoke during the DBS Television programme, Newsmaker Live, with Journalist, Timothy Poleon.

The former Minister indicated that Anthony was suggesting that she should not expend so much effort in dealing with mentally challenged individuals.

SLP General Secretary, Leo Clarke, accused Flood-Beaubrun of making a statement to the effect that the Prime Minister does not really care about mentally challenged people.

The SLP official said he was not at any discussion between Anthony and the former minister.

But Clarke declared that the record proves something totally different to the implication of Flood-Beaubrun’s comments.

He recalled that the most recent intervention by the Anthony administration has created an allowance to parents of disabled children.

“I daresay that most of those children are probably not in a position to vote, but it had no effect on Doctor Anthony’s decision,” Clarke said.

The SLP General Secretary also spoke of Anthony’s “concerted and determined effort” to introduce a home care for the elderly programme.

He said this was a clear indication of action and not mere words.

According to Clarke, it was under the watch of Prime Minister Doctor Kenny Anthony that the modern psychiatric hospital was built, to provide care and services to mentally challenged people.

“Doctor Anthony’s record of caring for the needy and less fortunate is pretty clear,” he declared.




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  1. Anonymous
    June 4, 2016 at 9:21 pm

    you people need to stop pointing fingers onto another side to avoid an issue. allen chastenet is far from competent . doesnt mean that kenny is flawless. i understand that he has had to make hard decisions but there are other options that can be looked at that they dont want to.