Drama at George F.L Charles airport

There was drama last night at the George F.L Charles airport involving two Albanian men, described as being in their forties.

According to information obtained by the Times, the men arrived here on a Liat flight from Barbados without valid visas for entering this country.

A source told the Times that the men did not have a ticket out of Saint Lucia.

The source said the men,one of whom is reported to have been arrested some eight years ago in the United States for human trafficking, created a scene when they were informed that they would be sent back to Barbados.

It is reported that the men threatened to disrupt whatever flight they were put on.

The Albanians were eventually put on a Liat flight to Barbados as the only passengers, under the escort of two police officers, a reliable source told the Times.

The matter is currently under investigation.

The incident took place after 7:PM.

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