PM’s Mothers’ Day message

This Sunday, we honour our mothers in a special way.  We recognise and show appreciation for their invaluable role in imparting to us and to our children the values that place the family at the centre of our concept of who and what we are.

Saint Lucian women, Saint Lucian mothers are all too often unsung heroes. I cherish the memory of my own mother.

Every day of my life, I honour the tremendous and incalculable impact she has had on my life. She, more than any other person,  has shaped me into the person I am today. I miss her calmness, her soothing hands, her words of comfort,  love and encouragement.

Let us always use the love, courage, and wisdom of our women, wives, and mothers as inspiration to be better than we are.

I encourage you to take some time out this weekend to demonstrate to the mothers in your life how much they truly mean to you.

Happy Mother’s Day!