Millet Infant School: Land issue causing concern

The Ministry of Education has intervened in a land issue at the Millet Infant School that appears to threaten the continuing education of some one hundred students there.

Well informed sources told the Times that an announcement was made on radio last night that there would have been no classes at the institution today.

According to the sources, the announcement was made when it was discovered that entrance to the school had been blocked.

The blockage was apparently removed this morning.

It is reported that the Millet Infant School, which is a Catholic institution assisted by the government, was built on private land.

Information obtained by the Times indicates that there is an issue between the Catholic Church and the landowner over payment for a land lease.

The Ministry of Education is expected to meet the parties involved this week in an attempt to work out a solution, according to sources.

One source told the Times that the land owner is offering to sell the land on which the Millet Infant School was built.

Parents, teachers and Education Ministry officials are known to be anxious to have the land issue settled as soon as possible.