Relatives: No justice for attack victim

Relatives of a young attack victim say they are yet to get justice for the seven year old.

The boy is alleged to have been attacked by a fifteen year old male, after he rejected an immoral proposition from the teenager.

The alleged incident occurred in Babonneau last month.

Relatives of the young attack victim reported that he had to be hospitalized in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of Victoria Hospital, after being hit on the head and about the body with a piece of wood.

Evidence of the attack are easily noticed on the boy’s head and neck.

The child’s sister, Sherna Monrose, explained that although the boy has since been discharged, he is not focusing properly.

sherna-monrose“He starting to drink up but he not eating nothing,” Monrose disclosed.

She said the boy keeps mentioning the name of the alleged perpetrator.

According to Monrose, the teenager who has been fingered in the attack continues to provoke her seven year old brother.

“Since Monday he still provoking us and almost take out my child eye with a stone,” she complained.

Monrose added:

“All I want is justice for my little brother. What a seven year old can do a fifteen year old boy to post a child down like that?”

She said the young attack victim has not been at school.

Monrose observed that the teenager who has been named in the attack walks up and down “sizing up” her brother.

Monrose asserted that the injured boy’s family is waiting on the police to act.

She said the alleged attacker has threatened another boy in the community.

Eunice Monrose, the mother of the young attack victim, has also expressed concern about the situation.