Concern over Millet Infant School

Concern over Millet Infant School

Education officials, parents and teachers are expressing concern over the future of the Millet Infant School.

The concerns come against the backdrop of reports of a land lease issue involving the owner of the land on which the school has been built, and the Catholic Church which operates the institution with government assistance.

millet-infant-school-2This week the Ministry of Education announced that classes at the school would be suspended.

The announcement came after it was discovered that the entrance to the Millet Infant school had been blocked.

The blockage was subsequently removed.

“I don’t feel happy about the situation,” Millet resident, Elizabeth Olivier, whose grandchild attends the school said.

Olivier observed that when parents are at work they leave their children at school.

elizabeth-olivierHowever she asserted that if there are problems with the institution the children will have nowhere to go.

Olivier expressed the opinion that if the landowner is owed he should be paid so that education at the Millet Primary school can continue.

The Times has been reliably informed that a meeting is being planned for Friday with all interested parties to resolve the issue.


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  1. The Commentator
    May 10, 2016 at 9:53 pm Reply

    The school should not be held to ransom because it is on private land so therefore the Government, with the help of the Catholic Church, should acquire the land for the national good.

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