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The third round of the LUCELEC Michael Mathurin Rugby Challenge proved to be the most exciting so far as rival clubs went all out as they vie to be the champions of this year’s first local rugby tournament.

Fighting Mongoose won by default as SALCC Rugby Club was a no show at the tournament. The second match was between the female teams of VBCC Stingers and Whiptail Warriors. Stingers won by one try by captain Sharon Charles but no one can argue the good defense played by the Warriors. The highlight match of round three was between the male teams of VBCC Stingers and Whiptail Warriors. The Warriors won convincingly with two tries from Najsm Cox and one from Lenford Eugene with 2 conversions put in by Colvis Samuels and Tyrese Samuels.

Club scores are as follows:

Club Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Total
Fighting Mongoose 1 1 3 5
SALCC Rugby Club 1 1 0 2
VBCC Stingers Female 3 1 3 7

VBCC Stingers Male

3 3 1 7
Whiptail Warriors Female


1 3 1 5
Whiptail Warriors Male 3 3 3 9


Semi Final LUCELEC Michael Mathurin Rugby Challenge
Whiptail Warriors (Male)  



Mongoose (Male)

VBCC Stingers (Female) VS Whiptail Warriors (Female)
VBCC Stingers (Male) VS  SALCC Rugby Club

A thrilling semi final is expected to take place at the Corinth Playing Field on 21st May 2016 from 3:00 pm. The fixtures are as follows: