Rigobert blasts PM over failed promises

Rigobert blasts PM over failed promises

Opposition leader, Doctor Gale Rigobert, has criticized Prime Minister, Doctor Kenny Anthony, over a number of failed promises.

She suggested that the people of Saint Lucia are ready to partner with her party to retire Anthony and his cabinet in the public interest.

Rigobert asserted that Anthony and his cabinet have turned a willful blind eye to the suffering of the people of this country.

She told a crowd of party supporters at a William Peter Boulevard meeting this week dubbed – the Peoples’ Parliament, that the ruling labour party was afraid and on the run.

As a result the Micoud North MP said it does not surprise her in the least that the Prime Minister and his cabinet should shy away from a budget debate.

Rigobert accused Anthony and his administration of tricking the opposition on the last occasion.

“They were well aware that I had two members who were incapacitated because of ill health and they also know that it is convention that usually the leader of the opposition will speak on the second day,” she observed.

Rigobert said:

“But as cowardly as they are and as fearful as they are of the might of the opposition, they hurried and they closed the debate.”

She declared that was why the opposition had come to the “peoples’ parliament”, since the Kenny Anthony administration cannot stop that.

According to the opposition leader, one of the reasons why the budget statement has been inexplicably delayed is because Anthony knows that he has made promises over the past four years in successive budgets that he has failed to honour.

“He now understands that we no longer have an appetite for yet another menu of promises that we already know will go unfulfilled,” Rigobert declared.

She said she recalled very vividly in his 2012-2013 budget address, Anthony said his government had come to bring better days.

Rigobert recounted that the Prime Minister went on to say how the better days would materialize.

She said Anthony made failed promises to tackle unemployment.

The opposition leader asserted that unemployment has risen under the labour government.

She outlined a number of other failed promises of the Prime Minister, saying that members of the ruling party have been enriched while the people continue to suffer and search for the green shoots of growth that have been promised time and time again.



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  1. Anonymous
    May 14, 2016 at 5:21 pm Reply

    That’s right Gale

  2. St. Lucian
    May 14, 2016 at 9:15 pm Reply

    It is obvious now Dr. Anthony is self and party serving before the people of this country. He was voted in to give good governance, and provide us with proper health and security services. What we have received is embarrasments and failures. Elections 2016 is here and greets us with still unfinished hospitals and a still unopened abbatoir. But we are considered fools to believe St. Lucia can maintain a Diabetes Research Centre which according to Alvina Reynolds will save thousands of lives. So suddenly St. Lucia will make world wide Diabetes treatment fame.

    Silence where we asked for answers and disrespect when we asked for accountability is what we get.Dr. Anthony no longer consider himself a server but a ruler and dictator.

    So look at him. He comes across as being tired and spent. He and the SLP are bereft of ideas.
    It is obvious St. Lucia is in dire need of dynamic leadership. We need direction the way forward. That csn only come from a group with vision and a plan for St. Lucia.

    Isn’t Dr. Anthony’s only now, after three terms in office, creation of a Vision Committee an admission of his inability to plan the way forward for St. Lucia. So he has to resort to get help from Adrian Augier.

    Did Mario Michell know something that escaped St. Lucians. Dr. Anthony rode in on s two terms promise. Had Mario waited around Dr. Anthony is now trying for a fourth term.

    Survival at all costs is Dr. Anthony’s goal. A self serving dictator who try as he may will never come not even close to emulating the world of John Compton.

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