Richard Frederick to run!

Castries Central MP, Richard Frederick, received a rousing endorsement from a meeting of his constituents to contest the next elections.

The meeting was held this evening at the Castries Town Hall.


The crowd shouted in the affirmative when Frederick asked whether he should stay and in the negative when he asked whether he should quit.

Explaining the reason for the gathering, the Castries Central MP noted that some politicians brag of being masters.

“I declare myself your servant because you are my master, so it is important that I take orders from my master,” Frederick declared.

Frederick, who has been a vocal critic of United Workers Party leader, Allen Chastanet, was put out of the party in August 2014.

He told the Castries Town Hall meeting that Castries Central has been neglected.

“There is absolutely no doubt  that that since I vacated Central government, Castries Central is like a baby that needs his mother or father to care for him and his mother and father have abandoned him for five years,” Frederick said.

He asserted that the City creates the first impression for visitors.

Frederick observed that the City is the place on which all locals converge, either to recreate or to do business.

He noted that it was for that reason that it was of utmost importance that the City should be properly maintained.

Frederick called attention to the two other contenders for the Castries Central seat in the next elections, without mentioning them by name.

They are Housing Minister, Stanley Felix, of the ruling Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) and Sarah Flood Beaubrun of the UWP.

Flood-Beaubrun used to be the MP for the area and a government minister in two successive SLP administrations.

Richard Frederick said the two had between them, spent fifteen years in Central government.

“Whatever was done during that period cannot be half of what I have done in five years,” he said to applause from the gathering at the Town Hall.

He disclosed that his option was to bow out of politics, since he did not think he deserved what he had received from political life.

“It is no secret that I have taken a lot of blows in politics,” he said.

However the MP explained that when someone is genuinely interested in uplifting the standard of living of people, developing the constituency and the people of this country and making a difference, he puts personal feelings aside.

The Castries Central MP outlined a number of projects in the constituency that bore his stamp, including Serenity Park and courts in several parts of the community.

One of those in attendance wanted a guarantee that once she voted for Frederick, he would not join the ruling labour party.

Earlier, before his constituents had encouraged him to run, Richard Frederick had said:

“If I decide to run the elections and you hire me by voting for me, if I don’t perform fire me by not voting for me next time.”




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    The provider of this page, who permits those kind of posts to be made without intervention and causes them to remain available for public consumption, will also have his or her day. You all will know and feel the hurt and pain of false accusations and allegations. You will regret that you ever provided a forum to haters and to vent and spew hatred. You will regret that you provided a cross for modern day “Jews” to crucify their own brethren just as they crucified Jesus Christ for no good reason. When you are feeling your sufferation you will remember my words!

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