Decision time for Castries Central MP

Castries Central MP, Richard Frederick, has asserted that he will make a decision as to whether to contest the next elections before the week is over.

Frederick received a rousing endorsement from a meeting he held with his constituents at the Castries Town Hall earlier this week.

But despite the encouragement from his constituents to run, the Castries Central MP had indicated that he would ponder over the matter and announce a decision.

“I have seen reports sadly, that say ‘Richard to run’, but that is kind of erroneous,” the Castries Central MP told the DBS Television programme – Newsmaker Live, with Timothy Poleon.

He said he was having two meetings during the latter part of this week and by the weekend he should be in a position to say definitely whether he will be contesting or not.

The Castries Central MP said he understands the concerns of his people.

“I know that I have rallied their cause in a positive manner and I have delivered on whatever I promised and I know they are looking forward,” he stated.

However Frederick said there were personal issues at stake which he did not want to disclose.

He explained that quite apart from how constituents feel, one has to take on board how one’s family feels and come up with a decision.

“We don’t exist on our own,” the Castries Central MP declared.

He said there was still an “iota” of doubt in his mind as to whether to take the plunge.

Frederick acknowledged that while his constituents would like him to contest the next elections, there are persons on both sides of the political divide who would like to see him away from the polls.

“All of that I want to consider and come up with an ultimate decision,” he said.




  1. Anonymous
    May 18, 2016 at 9:30 pm

    Ummmm, seriously?

  2. Joe
    May 19, 2016 at 1:59 am

    Let him run. Right now he has a 100% record as a candidate that gives him credibility as a future candidate.
    When he runs and loses , with his visa revoked and other information to follow he will be in a seriously precarious position.
    The UWP polls show Sarah winning in a landslide which is why they asked her to run.

  3. Observer
    May 19, 2016 at 10:35 am

    It’s a pity some people don’t take time to objectively analyze. The facts are so clear.

    When RichArd first won he was never an independent in the normal and correct sense. He was officiaLly backed by UWP central castries and Angel brouet solicited uwp votes on his behalf. He had a full ‘ party’ support. Some uwp faces actually spoke on his platform.
    In the General elections as an official UWP candidate he mashed up Vaughan Lewis. Again with full UWP support. Many UWP supporters did not really know RichArd but voted party.

    Remember Kenny Anthony described him as the most dAngerous thing to enter politics. Remember the famous you know what I know between RichArd and Kenny. We are not fools and there must be a whole lot hidden in that exchange.

    Then came the famous visa issue which Kenny used effectively against RichArd and uwp. RichArd barely won his seat.

    RichArd playing big saying he will action the US government. Up to now no visa and he ain’t win nothing, no case.
    Kenny as PM has had enough time to know what happened and I suspect both he and RichArd must know.
    Today RichArd vex with UWP and conveniently Kenny sees gold in RichArd to try and upset UWP. An alliance of politicAl expediency. So where is the LOVE for central castries in all of that. Central castries is now the new toy of RichArd and Kenny to perpetuAte funny politics. It is now up to central castries voters to think well and use their heads wisely.