PM States Top 15 Pledges to St. Lucians

  1. We will continue our relentless efforts to reduce unemployment, especially among our young people. It will remain our Number One (1) priority. We reduced unemployment from a high of 24% to 20%. We aim to reduce it even further, below 15%. We will do so by a combination of measures, from increased opportunities in Government financed construction to new investments especially in Tourism. Our aim is to construct no less than 2000 new hotel rooms.
  1. We will continue with plans to develop a major highway along the north east coast of our island, linking Gros Islet to Dennery on the east coast. This is our Number 2 priority. We will finance this road by funding from the newly established CIP Programme and applying the 30 million pounds sterling allocated to Saint Lucia by the British Government and to be administered by the Caribbean Development Bank.
  1. We will put more money in the pockets of taxpayers by increasing the personal income tax allowance from $18,000.00 to $30,000.00. By increasing the personal allowance by $12000.00, some 3500 persons will no longer pay income tax and be required to file a return.
  1. We will bring more tax relief to our pensioners. We will exempt from tax an additional $4000.00 of any income from a source in Saint Lucia by way of pension for past services to all pensioners or income earned by resident individuals who are citizens of Saint Lucia and have attained the age of sixty years. When this additional exemption is added to the new tax threshold of $30,000.00 the annual tax free amount that pensioners will receive will be $35,400.00. In other words, pensioners would only pay income tax if they earn more than $40,400.00 annually.
  1. We will introduce a programme to assist parents in meeting the cost of the fees for CXC exams. This programme will be based on need and performance and will come into effect in 2017.
  1. We will establish a Tertiary Education Trust Fund and will finance it by an allocation of $3.0 million dollars every year for five years. This fund will be managed by an independent Board and will aim to finance tertiary education especially for young people from underprivileged and vulnerable households.
  1. We will:

(a) Construct a new Police National Headquarters at La Toc;

(b) Construct a new National Judicial Complex;

(c) Construct at Choc a new National Theatre Complex.

  1. We will begin planning for a new dam on the Troumasse River, which will allow for major development in the south of the island.
  1. We have started to transform our economy by creating new spheres of activity like services, information technology and renewable energy. We will continue this work to ensure that Saint Lucia has a vibrant, robust and resilient economy that supports growth and development in all sectors.
  1. We will implement Universal Health Care so that every Saint Lucian, regardless of financial ability, will be able to get proper and affordable health care.
  1. We want more young people to get access to tertiary education. We will transform the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College to a University College with full degree granting status.
  1. We understand that to be competitive, our economy must become independent from the importation of oil products for energy. So, we will work toward a complete transition away from fossil fuels for electricity generation, with a goal of 100% renewable energy by 2035.
  1. We will rejuvenate the city of Castries, restoring it to its former status as the most attractive city in the Eastern Caribbean. Castries will be made safer, cleaner and will be converted into a Duty-Free cruise destination.
  1. We will completely transform the agricultural sector, focusing on new value-added products like nutraceuticals and organics, to allow our farmers and agri-business people to export these products and take advantage of the fastest growing sector of the international food and beverage market.
  1. We will enact new legislation to protect the Queen’s Chain (the People’s Chain) as a coastal protected area and secure and guarantee the rights of way and public access to our beaches. While the Queen’s Chain will be leased we will forbid its outright sale whether to developers or private persons. 

    Delivered by Hon. Dr. Kenny D. Anthony

    Castries Market Steps

    May 19, 2016


  1. Curious
    May 20, 2016 at 2:56 pm

    So I must vote Kenny for me to be able to go and bathe on the beach. That’s a shame.

    Four years Kenny in office he demoralize the police with IMPACS which up to now is unresolved and now he saying he building police headquarters complex at la toc. So What happen to the new hospital and st. Judes. Still not open andhe want to talk about new police headquarters.
    What about the abattoir still to be completed and opened. What about the crime lab. It shut now over one year. All that Kenny cannot do and he talking new police headquarters.
    Awa Kenny. I in town too long

  2. Anonymous
    May 20, 2016 at 6:33 pm

    not a word on the crime lab

    not a damn word about improving the judicial system. you cannot find an extra judge to pay, but you think i can trust you to build a judicial complex. Again, its all about glaring us with buildings. what a building when the wheels of justice eh turning right???
    how will cases be heard without evidence processing at a crime lab???
    why nothing on the improvement of the family court system.
    far less the criminal court s
    what about the improvements to the castries airport you guys promised last time

    dont even let me start on the hospital in vieux fort you and your goons made so much noise about, aking why it eh open yet. Yet 4 , 4 years and some in office and the hospital not open yet. But u talk hogwash about universal health care.

    buy go and sleep and start dreaming, cause a man shouldnt be dreaming awake kenny

  3. Ruthless
    May 22, 2016 at 8:37 am

    Tell Kenny and La Cobs go to hell!!!!!!! The police wants nothing to do with them but see their backs. This desire will be expressed in the ballot box.

    Kenny used IMPACS and the Americans to get him into office. IMPACS and the Americans will get him out.

    Police commissioners walk all over without security but arrogant and pompous la corbs, couldn’t do that. He couldn’t go anywhere where without so called body guards. All this time the City remained without patrol officers. All this time rapes took place in the middle of the city. Let him now pay for his security.

  4. Amen
    May 25, 2016 at 1:50 pm

    Kenny you know very well that quite a lot of work had been done already on the transformation at S.A.L.C.C to a University College.the proposed name was Sir Arthur Lewis University College.
    The degrees that you mentioned were exactly the same ones that were agreed on already.
    When you came into government you stopped the process. So do not be a hypocrite and bluffer. Just say that you will continue the process.